We are a team of over twenty designers and engineers, most of whom have significant practice and experience in the field and are members of professional organizations and acknowledged specialists in their fields of activity.

We know that when our clients choose us,
they actually choose our experts.

Our engineers have not only high technical knowledge but also professional ethics and loyalty. These qualities lead to sustainable, long-term, and mutually favorable relations with clients.

  • Manager

    Eng. Ivan Koleliev

    Civil Engineer – UACG, Sofia – 2001

    MBA – Cass Business School, London – 2011. – Cass Business School, London – 2011.

    A Member of the Chamber of Engineers in the Investment Design.

    As a manager, Ivan is responsible for the general management of the company and its business strategy. He coordinates and manages the activities of the senior designers.

  • Manager

    Eng. Ganka Kolelieva

    Civil Engineer – UACG, Sofia – 1981

    A Member of the Chamber of Engineers in the Investment Design.

    Eng. Ganka Kolelieva has more than 30 years of experience in the construction industry and 20 years of experience as a designer. She had worked as a construction supervisor for more than a decade, including four years as a supervisor for the National Directorate for Construction Control at the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works. She is responsible for the construction supervision activities of the company.

    She took part in the execution of construction supervision of numerous constructions and sites and managed the preparation of reports on assessment of conformity of investment projects with the essential requirements to constructions.

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