From the preliminary design, through the technical design and obtaining the construction permit, to the beginning of the exploitation, we can offer our services as designers, consultants or construction supervisors.
We have the required surveying equipment, technical facilities and specialized software for fulfilling the following activities:

Geodetic services – geodesic control networks, static GPS networks, topographic surveys, Route Surveys for Utility Infrastructure, Precise Leveling, Digital Terrain Modeling, GPS Data Post-processing and Network Adjustments;

Pavement distress survey of the condition of roads and streets evaluating of the structural condition of the pavements with Deflectograph Lacroix, pavement management systems;

Preparing of designs for rehabilitation, reconstruction and new construction of all kinds of roads, streets and other engineering infrastructure;

Construction supervision;

Consultancy in the field of the investment design and construction process and in conformity with the legislations in Bulgaria;

Road safety audits and inspections;